Classic Investment Pieces

Classic Investment Pieces

I have been thinking about furniture over the past year, as I want to design our new house. I am hoping to incorporate classic investment pieces. We moved from a cape cod with just a few common areas to a house with an open kitchen and a formal living room and dining room. Now we now have a more spacious layout. I know people who come in are a little confused on why I haven’t filled it up yet. Let me explain.

Here’s the thing. I am picky. I didn’t just want to fill up the rooms with pieces I would hate two years from now, and then donate them to Goodwill. I have done that. I studied interior design for a couple of years in college and was able to define my tastes and preferences. Blending that in with real life is sometimes a bit more challenging.

Classic Modern Tables

I love classic modern pieces, but my husband has also inherited antiques that he loves. We are working together to find a blended style that we will love forever. I think pulling time honored designs in traditional fabrics and finishes will achieve the look I am hoping for. I am trying to be thoughtful about choosing the right pieces to create a flow and a balance between modern and traditional.

Classic Modern Living Room

When choosing the furniture, I am going to pull Tolix pieces for the kitchen, for a clean and sturdy, yet cool look. In the living room, a Saarinen coffee table and Le Corbusier or Chesterfield sofa will blend with my husband’s farm table and clock well. In the dining room, Wenger wishbone chairs and a reclaimed barn wood table will not distract from my husband’s Victorian buffet.

Classic Modern Lighting

When you can narrow down your preference in design to a specific era and then select pieces you have loved for years, you risk an unwise investment less. Good furniture is pricey, and when you make that kind of investment you want to love the outcome. I am hoping to spend my money on just that.