Organization Projects

Organization Projects

pantry makeover

pantry makeover

i am happy with how it turned out and now all my ingredients are at my fingertips and meal planning is a little simpler.

plastic containers with labels

i found these plastic containers at the food service store and these martha stewart labels at staples. i think it turned out well, and i also use these to store meals in the freezer. they come in sleeves of 50 and were very inexpensive!

food containers

these containers are great for lunches too and i love the cute mini chinese takeout containers. think of how fun these would be for picnics and parties.


these labels are printable and i have created a font that you can download to print your own.

canisters with chalkboard labels

i also like to put things we buy in bulk in canisters. i found these chalkboard labels, but using chalk on them was a mess. i found this chalkboard pen which give them a much cleaner look.

chalkboard labels and pen

i took design classes at uk for several years. one of my favorite things about design school is that you have to have architectural handwriting. i converted my handwriting into a font that you can download to use for whatever project you like. my husband created these weekly schedules to impart some order to our lives!

You can download my font here

weekly schedule with my font

hope you are having a great week!