Plated Delivery Service

Plated Delivery Service

Plated delivery service is a real lifesaver in our house. We are busy on the weeknights and dinner can be an afterthought. We would love to cook dinner from scratch every night but that’s just not realistic. plated delivery service

With Plated, you get all of the ingredients and a step by step recipe for each meal. My husband, especially, loves this. He enjoys cooking dinner, but for him finding a recipe and shopping for all of the ingredients is too time-consuming.

plated recipe cards

Included in your box are the recipes and ingredients for two meals. It comes packaged with ice packs to keep the perishable items fresh.

plated recipe incredients

All you have to do is simple prep work. We learned to make some dishes that were new and would be fun to recreate with other variations!

chopped veggies for our plated recipe

The fried rice was yummy and each meal was a super generous portion. We were able to make two meals out of each one!

vegetable fried rice, from plated

The empanadas were delicious and the salad dressing was light and fresh. Even my son was dying to try them!

cauliflower and spinach empanadas, from plated

This service is a keeper! So glad we tried it! You can find out more at!