Spring Target Finds

Spring Target Finds

We just got back from spring break and are feeling refreshed and inspired. I wanted to share some finds from Target. I got a ton of compliments on Harper’s clothes that she wore on spring break. She is 11, and she’s totally changing every day. That makes it difficult to want to invest a ton in her wardrobe. We found these cute pieces at Target and were super happy. She loved these picks because they are super on trend. The embroidery, tassel trim and ombre lace made her smile.

I found a few new things in the beauty section that I loved. I love this Biore baking soda cleanser. It comes in powder form and you make a little paste. It smooths your skin like a scrub without being irritating. Now that I am back from the beach, I want to keep the vibe going. I love this Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner for the tropical scent. This Lapis of Luxury nail polish is a cute pop of color too.

I had to share the Design Love Fest for Cheeky items that I got too. The Good Vibes napkins and Cheers cups are too cute. I am also smitten with the to go cup ensembles. It’s that little extra that brightens your day! So here’s to cute stuff on a budget!!

Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner / OGX / $5.50 each

Girls Embroidered Woven Dress / Cherokee / $19.99

Good Vibes Napkins / DesignLoveFest for Cheeky / $3.99 for 40

Girls Ombre Crochet Shorts / Xhilaration / $14.99

Tassel Trim Printed Shorts / Xhilaration / $14.99

Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub / Biore / $8.99

Black Polka Dot Cheers Cups / DesignLoveFest for Cheeky / $3.99 for 24

Lapiz of Luxury Nail Polish / Essie / $8.49

Girls Two Piece Flounce Bikini Set / Circo / $15.99

Yay! Paper To Go Cup Kit / DesignLoveFest for Cheeky / $3.99 for 10