Casual Autumn Afternoon

Casual Autumn Afternoon

Autumn weather is finally here and I am loving pieces for a casual afternoon. In the next few weeks, I plan on picking pumpkins, going to an apple orchard, and enjoying the fall leaves. A look like this will be perfect!

This camouflage jacket is the perfect layer to add for a chilly afternoon! I love it paired with cute jeans and a striped top! This top is super cute, especially because of the blue cuffs. This makeup set is my go to for everyday! I love the pieces you get! It includes a great concealer, a berry lip stain and Boy Brow. It’s great to get out the door quickly.

I like the little extras that add some polish, too. These bar studs add a little sparkle and this bandana is a cute touch. I love this Sovaro beverage cup. It’s chic and would be perfect for my morning iced coffee!

Cheers to a beautiful fall! -LH

Leo Bandana / J Crew / / $14.50

Camouflage Utility Shirt Jacket / J Crew / / $98

Pave Bar Stud / J Crew Factory / / $7.95

Cuffed Striped Boatneck Shirt / J Crew Factory / / $22.50

Rue Saint-Honore Graphic T-Shirt / J Crew / / $32.50

Beverage Cup / Sovaro / / $34.95

Phase 2 Set / Glossier / / $40

Sawyer Suede Boots / J Crew Factory / / $87.50

Toothpick Jean / J Crew / / $110

Stan Smith Shoes / Adidas / / $60