Wreath Making

Wreath Making


Last year I took a wreath making class and loved my results! This year I used what I learned to make a fun seasonal wreath for the kitchen. The process is pretty simple and the supplies were affordable. If you have great plants that you can clip form you could make one with what you have on hand.

I clipped some evergreen from my yard and added some greenery that I got at Whole Foods. I got a grapevine wreath at the craft store and ordered some velvet ribbon.  I began by tucking my evergreen into the wreath form. I then added the silver dollar eucalyptus. I added the seeded eucalyptus and secured it with wire to make sure it stayed in place. I covered the wire by adding thistles to the wreath. I trimmed my velvet ribbon with sewing scissors and the wreath was ready to be hung.

I used:

1 grapevine wreath

2 feet of velvet ribbon

paddle wire

1 bunch of thistles

1 bunch of silver dollar eucalyptus

1 bunch of seeded eucalyptus

Evergreen trimmings from my yard