Rose Oil Rollerball DIY

Rose Oil Rollerball DIY

I have been into essential oils for quite some time. I have a diffuser and I play with blending oils to scent my home. I have on occasion used oils as fragrance and came accross this idea and had to try it out myself. I think the final product is adorable and perfect to tuck in your clutch for touch ups on the go.

Rose oil and carrier oil

I ordered some rose oil for my scent and ordered Safflower Oil as my carrier oil. It is unscented and organic. It’s also edible, which makes it perfect for use on your skin.

Rose quartz crystals

I ordered this aborable personalized rollerball and some rose quartz crystals. The crystals are said to have properties that promote love, romance, nurturing, peace, happiness and inspiration. Who couldn’t use a little extra in those departments?

I dropped the crystals in, added five drops of rose oil and filled the container with Safflower oil. Simple and the end result is chic and fun!