Concious Beauty

Concious Beauty

I am really loving the fact that there are now luxury beauty products that are safer to use. You don’t have to sacrifice on quality either when you chose conscious beauty. Beautycounter has partnered with a few brands to create a program exclusively for consultants called Clean Slate. They are offering great products that are better for you at a discount. At some point, they will expand the program to customers too. Since I learned a bit more about them I thought I would share!

Here are a few of the products that I am excited about. Two are Cocofloss and Davids Toothpaste. This floss is supposed to be the best and I am excited to try it. This toothpaste is pretty cool too. The packaging is awesome with a little tube key included. Also, the toothpaste is fluoride-free, which is great because fluoride can affect your thyroid. Another one is Ursa Major deodorant. I use LaVanila and I really love it. My husband had been looking for a natural swap and is looking forward to using this. I am looking forward to using Minerals de Mer by Pursoma. It’s a mineral soak that is great for detoxifying. Lastly, I have been loving the Cote line of nail products. The polishes are chic and they have a ton of great shades to choose from.

I found that Barneys has a really wonderful selection of conscious products! I think the Rodin lip and cheek oil is beautiful and I am really tempted to get the pretty Kabuki brush. I love the Drawberston packaging! How chic! Rahua’s packaging is so pretty and the Salt Spray and Legendary Amazon Oil will be summer must-haves! I am all about brightening and the treatments from Allies of Skin and Aurelia will do the trick.

There are some products that I am looking for a healthier swap for in my daily routine. I am loving this pretty lip pencil and this eye shadow quad that is perfect for every day. I also love a little spritz as I finish getting ready. I think this Dirty Grass Parfum is a great idea. Hair supplements are top of mind for me these days and I am hearing great reviews of this Moon Juice version.

The Beautycounter products that I am looking loving for summer are the Peppermint Lip Conditioner, the Mineral Sunscreen Mist, the Sugar Bodyscrub, and Glow Shimmer Oil. I think we can all agree that bare skin is a little better when it is glowing and smooth. This Mineral Sunscreen is part of the Sun Set Promotion with Beautycounter this week. If you order over $125 in products, you receive a 3 oz Mineral Sunscreen Spray and a 1 oz Sunscreen Lotion. It’s valued at $35 and a bonus is always fun! If you have any questions about the products, you can always contact me and I would be happy to answer them!

Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist / Beautycounter / $20

Minerals De Mer Bath Soak / Pursoma / $14

Delicious Mint Floss / Cocofloss / $9

Palette Perfection Eye Quad / Lilah B / Barneys / $58

Enchanted Island Salt Spray / Rahua / Barneys / $32

Fresh Slate Brightening Cleanser and Mask / Allies of Skin / Barneys / $42

Luxury Lip & Cheek Oil / Rodin / Barneys / $55

Dirty Grass Eau de Parfum / Heretic Parfums / Barneys / $85

Lip Conditioner in Peppermint / Beautycounter / $22

Sugar Bodyscrub in Lemongrass / Beautycounter / $40

Nail Polish / Cote / $18

Premium Natural Toothpaste / Davids / $9.95

Superhair Daily Hair Nutrition / Moon Juice / Barneys / $60

Lip Pencil / Kjaer Weis / Barneys / $30

Hoppin’ Fresh Deoderant / Ursa Major / $18

Legendary Amazon Oil / Rahua / Barneys / $42

Glow Shimmer Oil / Beautycounter / $35

Luxury Kabuki Brush / Rodin / Barneys / $25

Aromatic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream / Aurelia / Barneys / $45