Aloha Acai Bowls

Aloha Acai Bowls

When we were on vacation, Harper really got into Aloha Acai Bowls. She loved the ones at The Daughters Kitchen in Rosemary Beach, so we decided to make our own at home. I love how creative you can get with the ingredients. We love berries and kiwi! Harper loves the shredded coconut too. Harper and I have decided that it’s definitely a Acai Bowl style summer!

Serving Size:

2 bowls


8 ounces frozen acai
1/4 cup orange juice
2 talespoons of agave nectar
1 banana
1 kiwi
1 box of raspberries
1 box of blackberries
1 bow of strawberries
Unsweetened shredded coconut
Black sesame seeds


Wash and slice the berries, kiwi and banana.

Place the frozen acai, orange juice, half of the berries and half of the banana in the blender.

Add the agave nectar to the mixture.

Blend the mixture until it is thick and smooth.

Pour the smoothie into two bowls.

Top the smoothie with your favorite fruits.

Place the slices in crescents and garnish the bowl with coconut and sesame seeds!