Dark Chocolate Berry S’mores

Dark Chocolate Berry S’mores

Summer and s’mores go hand in hand. These dark chocolate berry s’mores are a game-changer. The dark chocolate and rich berry flavor make a classic dessert decadent. It’s just a simple step, but it makes all the difference. You don’t have to have a campfire to get golden and gooey marshmallow either. You can use the kitchen torch, as I did, or simply pop yours in the oven. Either way, this is a super fun summer dessert.

Serving Size: Serves 4


8 jumbo marshmallows

8 graham crackers

1 pint of raspberries

1 pint of blackberries

16 mini dark chocolate candy bars



Wash and dry the berries.

Snap the graham crackers in half.

Toast the marshmallows until they are golden brown.

Assemble two chocolate bars on the graham cracker.

Top it with some berries, the marshmallow, and the other half of the graham cracker.