Our 2020 Family Portraits and Christmas Cards

Our 2020 Family Portraits and Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas! I want to share our 2020 family portraits and Christmas cards! 2020 has been a memorable year, to say the least. For our family, the past year has been a blessing. I welcomed a new baby and had the gift of spending the pandemic with the ones we love. Having a toddler and a baby grow up with their siblings at home has made us all incredibly close. For that, I will be forever grateful. You can’t imagine the joy it brings me when I hear Smith come home and call “Hey guys!” to his brother and sister.

This summer, we had our family portraits made with Melanie Mauer. We always love her photography, but this session was the most special yet. She captured sweet new baby pictures with Asher and what fun Smith has with Harper and Jackson.

The evening light at the Ashland Estate Garden was lovely and made the perfect backdrop to capture this moment in our lives. Harper has become such a helpful and fun young lady and Jackson is a gentle and sweet big brother. I am proud of them!

I think Smith and Asher have brought out the best in them. They are so engaged and close. The babies really allow them to be kids and have fun!

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season and that 2021 is your best year yet!