Trader Joe’s Finds

Trader Joe’s Finds

We all know a friend who is hooked on Trader Joe’s and gives you the scoop. I’ll admit, I stopped in from time to time when I had to go to the post office but never made it a regular part of my schedule. When I kept hearing rave reviews, i thought i would give it another go.

Here’s my take… first off, the flowers!

Trader Joe's Flowers

You cannot get flowers more reasonably anywhere else. I got these roses for $5, the hydrangeas for $6, and the seeded eucalyptus for $3. That makes the whole arrangement $14…you can’t beat that!

Trader Joe's List

Now here is my go to list… greens, arugula, spinach and butter lettuces…Dan is taking me to the Caymans in a couple of months and there will be many salads in my near future. I am loving the cold pressed watermelon juice. Blistered shishito peppers served with brown rice is on the menu this week. Fresh mozzarella is always a go to. Truffle marcona almonds are super yummy for an afternoon snack. Mango iced tea is really refreshing too!

Now to my kiddos Trader Joe’s list..they are in treat heaven here! They love the chocolate croissants, but beware, you must follow the instructions explicitly. I may or may not have botched a box. The macarons and ice cream sandwiches are super for dessert. My kids love this pumpkin muffin mix beyond belief. I make these with dark chocolate chips and they go nuts. They actually tell people that they are “my mom’s famous pumpkin muffins.”

Trader Joe's Cart

We are loving their dressings, especially the Light Champagne Vinaigrette which goes with everything. The individual packages of cashews are perfect for snacking. Harper loves the fruit leather for lunches. I am planning to make some ramen this week too. This Brut would be perfect for mimosas. Also, you have to grab the basics!

Trader Joe's Cards

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the card aisle. I found really lovely cards. I think that an orchid and one of these would definitely brighten someone’s day for a thank you!

So there you have it, those are my picks from Trader Joe’s. It’s super reasonable and you can find some real gems there!