Beauty Roundup

Beauty Roundup

Recently I have tried out some new beauty products and I thought I would give you my take on them. Some were ultra effective and others not so much. Some were given to me to try and some I purchased on my own. I will let you know if they delivered, if they were worth the investment and if I would try them again.

SKII Facial Treatment Essence – I liked the essence as a step applied after my moisturizer in the morning to top things off. It has no real scent and I like that. Honestly though, I don’t know if I would purchase this on my own. $99

Latisse – I bought this and I am in love. This works exactly like it says is does and quickly too. I used a tiny detail brush that I bought from Sally Beauty rather than the applicators because I heard they waste the solution and it is a bit pricey. Prescription only.

Balm Dotcom – This balm is in really cute packaging and ships in a cute little zip bag too. It’s an unscented balm and it’s great for part of my nighttime regimen. The price is great too! $12

Foreo Luna Play – I got this in a swag bag and have been using this in the shower. I like that the silicone bristles are non abrasive. My skin is not irritated but very clean when I am done. I also like that you can use it in the shower because it is waterproof. I don’t know if I would buy one because it is disposable after around 100 uses. $39

Murad Essential-C Cleanser – I also received this in a swag bag and I like it for everyday. It leaves my skin clean and non irritated. I don’t know if I would buy this again but I might buy it if it came in a skincare kit. $36

Kat Von D Concealer, Powder and Brushes – I was sent these items and I probably would not have thought to purchase them on my own. The concealer and powder are very nice and do the trick. The concealer stays put and is highly pigmented. The brushes are the real deal. They are soft and full and lovely!! I would definitely buy the brushes if you are looking for some! $24-36

SKII Facial Treatment Mask – I was given this to try as well and I actually really liked this. It’s super moisturizing and I would definitely splurge on this for a once in a while treat! $17

Power Couple Duo – I liked this set because I wanted to try each but didn’t want to invest in the full size versions. I love the idea of the one two punch of lactic acid and trans-retinol. It’s great if you have skin that is sensitive to prescription grade Retin-A. It is also very moisturizing and you won’t wake up with peeling skin that you get when using Retin-A. But, if you are looking for the wow factor that Retin-A ultimately delivers after a couple of weeks, you might just stick with that. $85