Washington for a Day

Washington for a Day

We went on a tiny trip to Washington to go to the march. It was a fantastic opportunity to take a little peek at Washington since I haven’t been in a long time. If you are planning spring break you might consider DC. All of the museums are free and the metro is super convenient. There is so much to see that you could easily fill up a week.

The first night we took the metro in and headed to Shake Shack. My kids love it! We walked around the mall and saw the monuments at night and it was so pretty!


women's march.jpg

In the morning, we got up early and headed to the March. The metro was so crowded that it was a little intimidating. We were packed in like sardines, but it was worth it! It was inspiring to see so many people who were so passionately supporting each other.

The museums were open and were a nice respite from the crowds. I did a little research and booked tickets for us to see the butterfly exhibit in the Natural History Museum. It was a great exhibit and the butterflies were super active! We saw all of the stages of butterfly development too. We took a peek at the Hope Diamond too!

natural history.jpgmonarch edited.jpg

butterfly edited.jpg

We went to the American History Museum too! It was fun to see the Star Spangled Banner, Lincoln’s hat and the collection of gowns worn by the First Ladies!

president harper.jpg

lincoln's hat.jpg

The National Gallery of Art is pretty phenomenal. We are planning on returning to stroll through at a leisurely pace and soak it all in. The atrium is amazing too.

art museum.jpg

This Stuart Davis exhibit is really great. His work is so bold and exciting. We were so glad we got to see this!

stuart davis .jpg

stuart davis 2.jpg

We took a peek into Air and Space to see the planes that Amelia Earhart and the Wright brothers flew!

amelia & harper.jpg

harper and the wright brothers.jpg

For lunch we stopped at Paul, a super yummy french bakery. The kids opted for croissants and hot chocolate and we had lattes and the best mozzarella and tomato sandwiches. Harper and Jackson also got the biggest macarons they had ever seen for a treat later

macarons from paul.jpg

For dinner, I didn’t make reservations because I didn’t really know how up for dinner we would be. It turns out that we were not too worn out and we opted to keep it simple by going for Italian served family-style at Carmine’s. We had the stuffed artichoke and some pasta with vodka sauce. It was yummy and a much-needed break from walking.

compass coffee.jpg

We grabbed a hazelnut latte at Compass Coffee and headed back to our hotel. The trip was quick but it was a really fabulous day!