Welcome Smith!

Welcome Smith!

On September 19th, 2018. Dan and I welcomed our third baby to the world, Smith Easton Hawkins. We are so thrilled about our new baby and being with him is such a joy. He has the sweetest little spirit and is such a love.

Our family is growing and everyone is changing and going in new directions. Adding a new baby has been really joyful and he adds a sense of calm and peace to our home.

It’s so much fun to hold him and snuggle. Now that he has woken up, he has started cooing and smiling at us. It just melts our hearts.

I can’t lie, ever since I knew I was expecting him, I have really enjoyed picking out baby things for him. Dan has really gotten into it too, which is so sweet to see.

I know this holiday season will be amazing and fun. Having a new baby makes us feel bonded and close and elated.

We love you so little Smith!!