Sneaker Lust vs Must

Sneaker Lust vs Must

There is some strong sneaker game this spring! I am loving the white sneakers I saw on my most recent trip to Chicago. There are some really cool high end styles to daydream over and some styles that are super stylish without breaking the bank. So, I created this sneaker lust vs must!

These Gucci and Golden Goose sneakers are amazing! The details are great and they are so beautiful in person. At the same time, classic Stan Smith sneakers are pretty sleek and on point. If you love the look of a Veja or Common Projects style sneaker, but you are not really feeling the price point, Madewell makes a really pretty Sidewalk Sneaker. The pair is every bit as chic.

I love the playful hearts on the Comme de Garcon x Converse pair. They are so fun. Adidas is also offering a Stan Smith style that has cute heart details too! I am really smitten with the BNY Samba that Barneys has. The details are really modern and chic. A platform sole on a classic Converse pair will give you a little edge too. These will definitely be your go to this summer!

Samba Leather Sneaker / Adidas BNY Sole Series / Barneys / $150

Esplar Sneaker / Veja / Nordstrom / $120

Superstar Low Top Sneaker / Golden Goose / Nordstrom / $530

Original Achilles Sneaker / Common Projects / Nordstrom / $411

New Ace Sneaker / Gucci / Nordstrom / $650

x Coverse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneaker / Comme de Garcon Play / Nordstrom / $130


Stan Smith Original Sneaker / Adidas / $100

Sidewalk Low Top Sneakers / Madewell / $88

Samba OG Relay Shoe / Adidas / $72

Stan Smith Original Sneaker / Adidas / $80

Old Skool Lace-Up Sneakers in White Suede and Canvas / Vans / Madewell / $65

Chuck Taylor All Star Platform Sneakers / C0nverse / Nordstrom / $65