Beauty From Home

Beauty From Home

Over the past six months, beauty has become a great way to take some time for yourself. I have found some products to get great results. I have not been to a salon since the quarantine and I am doing beauty from home. I needed some products that really pack a punch. These products are not only effective, but they are hard to mess up. For example, I like to have my nails done at the salon, so I chose a sheer shade that is pretty foolproof.

A few of the things I focus on are moisture, hand care, and calming. I find that a pretty hand soap at the sink makes me smile and I have these Rosemary and Mint bottles at every sink in my office. Since we are all washing so frequently, hand cream is key and the Beautycounter version in Citrus Mimosa does not disappoint. A little trick I found is using a body scrub before you moisturize your hands. It keeps them buffed and soft.

Some salon services I love are having my brows tinted, getting microdermabrasion, and getting a gloss when I get my hair trimmed. I found products that deliver really similar results to what I got at a spa or salon. This brow tint is perfect for my hair color. It really defines the brows in a natural way, leaving them polished and perfected. This Personal Microderm Tool really smooths skin and clears pores. Your skin will be glowing when you follow microdermabrasion with the Beautycounter Sleeping Cream. The cream feels so luxe! I love looking at all of the dp HUE products that really tackle some at-home issues with hair color. I love getting a gloss and this at-home version makes my hair shiny and smooth.

I am still nursing, so having my teeth whitened is out. This stain removing toothpaste makes my smile prettier! Finding a way to calm down is so important these days. Getting to sleep can be a trick or two when you are anxious and stressed. I find that Melatonin really helps me out. These sleep gummy vitamins are great. I love Olly and these help me drift off at night. My husband really loves Lord Jones CBD tinctures. He puts a few drops under his tongue and he says it helps him fall asleep and stay asleep longer. I hope you are able to find some time to relax and unwind!

Citrus Mimosa Hand Cream / Beautycounter / $18

G.tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub / Goop / $40

Hemp-Derived Peppermint CBD Tincture / Lord Jones / $60

Stain Removing Whitening Toothpaste / Moon / $7.99

Sheer Hair Gloss / dp HUE / $35

Blackberry Zen Sleep Vitamin Gummies / Olly / $12.49

Rosemary and Mint Hand Soap / Chateau / $7.99

Personal Microderm Classic / PMD / $159

Longwear Nail Colour in Ballerina / Chanel / $28

Countermatch Recovery Sleeping Cream / Beautycounter / $56

Color Kits for Brows / RefectoCil / $21.20

Rose Sheet Mask Patches / Kocostar / $5

G.tox Ultimate Dry Brush / Goop / $20