Succulent Pumpkins

Succulent Pumpkins

Succulent pumpkins are such a fun and festive way to decorate for fall. These are fairly simple to make and the outcome is so great! You just need a few supplies and a little patience to make a really adorable harvest display.

I got some pie pumpkins at my local market. They are a perfect size and the stems are so cute! You will also need around 10 small succulents, dried Spanish moss, and hot glue.

You will want to clean and dry your pumpkins, first. Second, you will hot glue a layer of Spanish moss around the stem to serve as a base. Next, you will remove the succulents from the soils and shake the soil from the roots, leaving the roots intact. Rinse any excess soil from the succulent and remove any brown leaves at the base.

Gently set the succulents on a paper towel to dry. When they have dried, glue them on to the Spanish moss in the arrangement you choose. The trick is to place your glue on the bottom leaves rather than the roots so that the succulents can be removed and replanted later.

You can find another fun pumpkin idea here! Cheers!