Louisville Lately

Louisville Lately

Late summer and early fall are magical times in Kentucky. There are so many fun things going on in Louisville lately. With the increase in tourism, NULU has opened some new shopping destinations that are fun and exciting. New restaurants have popped up that are offering pretty interiors and delicious meals. I love creative outings and some shops are offering great experiences too!  Let me share what I have been loving lately!


The Pine Room – This is our new local favorite. We head here for most celebratory meals these days and it doesn’t disappoint. The interior is beautiful, light and lovely. I love everything they have going on. There are touches of green in the napkins, the matches, and the paper straws and the presentation is just beautiful. The drive there is pretty on a sunny evening. We love to start with the Crispy Artichokes and I usually order the Pappardelle. Harper loves the nachos too. They are so fun and have the prettiest garnishes like pickled cabbage and watermelon radishes. You should definitely make reservations and enjoy a fun dinner here soon!

Butchertown Grocery – For a romantic date night, we loved Butchertown Grocery. The interior is cool and we ordered a glass of Malbec, the Maison Salad,  and the gnocchi with oyster mushrooms, Parmesan and herbs. The gnocchi was so delicious, the sauce is so rich and flavorful. Our server said it simmers for hours until it is golden. He said it was his favorite dish and he steered us in the right direction. Dinner was amazing and we topped it off by heading for a cocktail at Lola, the pretty lounge upstairs.

Red Hog – When we have a squirmy baby but still want to have a trendy date, we head here. The patio is really cool. It’s pretty bustling and bringing kids is perfectly fine. I order the Paloma and it is delicious. When I was expecting Smith, Dan and I loved to come here while Jackson was at cotillion. I always ordered the Lavender Lemonade, it’s a fun and refreshing mocktail choice. We love to split the Pizza Margherita and the House Fries with curry aioli. It’s totally indulgent, but it is so delicious!

Biscuit Belly – The owners of Louvino really know the restaurant business. They opened up this yummy breakfast spot in NULU and almost immediately the line stretched down the block. I was impressed. Since I have been a vegetarian since I was fifteen, I had actually never tried biscuits and gravy. We split an Edgy Veggie, and it was so tasty. It has a fried green tomato, Frondosa Farms mushroom gravy, Kenny’s Cheddar and an egg (we ordered it scrambled.) This is really decadent, but also really amazing. You should really try this spot, as I thought it gave Biscuit Love a run for their money.

Do and Shop

Maddox & Rose Marketplace – I took a candlemaking and wine tasting class here and it was so much fun. I absolutely love this place. The interior is bright and modern. The process is beautiful too. You select your favorites from the scent wall and work with an expert to make a custom blend. I made a candle and a scrub. The candle is in a beautiful vessel that you can have a plant potted in at Forage after it’s used. How cool is that!?!

White’s Merchantile – Owner, Holly Williams is Nashville royalty and has created “a general store for the modern-day tastemaker.” I have been to the locations in 12 South and Franklin, Tennessee and the NULU location lived up to my expectations. They have such beautiful things. They range from highly curated housewares to an adorable children’s section. They also carry gifts and beautiful personal care products from lines like Goop. I picked up a beautiful tray and some preserves from Blackberry Farm. You should definitely put this on your list of places to find great gifts.

Pappy & Co. / Chenault James – This pretty shop is located in NULU and is a must while shopping in the neighborhood. The Van Winkle girls have put together a really great range of products to share the Pappy love. There are tees, ties, coasters, and cups. Whatever you are seeking to find for the Pappy lover, you are sure to find it here. Chenault James, one of the triplets, is an amazing interior designer. All of the Pappy merchandise is arranged in her design showroom. It’s a great place to find interior inspiration!

Speed – Gonzo Exhibit – While at the Speed, we happened upon the Gonzo exhibit. It is an interesting peek into the work of Hunter S. Thompson and the era it was created in. We thought it was great to get a feel for investigative journalism at the time and the politics involved. It was thought-provoking for sure and worth a visit.

Forage – I love Forage’s Germantown location. It is bright, airy and fun! You can get beautiful plants, great advice, and some pretty great Instagram worthy images. I took the Terrarium Class here a year ago and loved my results. Most recently, I took the Moss Wall Class and I was in love with my finished product. You should definitely check out what is on the calendar this fall!

Ashbourne Farms CSA – If you are in the market for a CSA box, I highly suggest you try the one at Ashbourne Farm. We bought one mid-summer and were really happy. The veggies were fresh, beautiful and creative. What made me happy is that they are an organic farm, which isn’t always the case even at a farmer’s market. You have to talk to the farmer about their practices. I also ordered a loaf of sourdough bread that was fresh from the oven and the packaging was really pretty. We chose to make the country drive to pick up our order from the farm and trust me, that is a gorgeous choice. You can also pick up your order in town!

Fleur and Frond – We went to the Made Market earlier this summer and saw this adorable florist there! She really has nailed it! She has the cutest VW pickup truck and her flowers and packaging are perfect too! After you pick your stems, she wraps them in burlap and fastens them with the most precious tag and pin!