It’s early fall and that means that dahlias are in season! My yard is wooded and doesn’t really allow for much gardening, so when I was able to grow these I was thrilled. I think they turned out so pretty.

I have been interested in growing my own flowers since I bought Cut Flower Garden by Floret Farms. They have great resources for growing dahlias. I love that they now have a show on the Magnolia Network. I have watched their videos on growing tulips and ranunculus.

I bought mine from Eastward Gardens at a local farmer’s market. They were super helpful and gave me explicit instructions. I am not the best at gardening, so this was very helpful. They also have the prettiest cut flowers ever. They sell them to local floral designers, too!

After the first killing frost, you dig them up, divide them, and store them.

Next year, hopefully, I will have more than twice as many! You can find more of my creative projects here and here!