Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese Salad

Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese Salad

This Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese Salad is delicious and beautiful. The colors and textures are so pretty. I love how the tart goat cheese complements the berries and crisp apples. The crushed pistachios add the most heavenly flavor and texture to the salad. I served it with a rich Balsamic Vinaigrette and it was perfect. This is just the dish to serve if you are in the mood for something light and delectable. You can find more delicious salad recipes here and here!


1 4-ounce goat cheese log

1/4 cup unsalted, shelled pistachios

1 6-ounce box of blackberries

1 5-ounce box of spring mix

2 small Granny Smith apples

For the dressing:

¼ cup of balsamic vinegar

¾ cup of extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon of dijon mustard

2 cloves of garlic, minced

2 teaspoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of kosher salt

1 teaspoon of fresh cracked pepper


For the salad:

On a cutting board, chop and lightly crush the pistachios.

Remove the goat cheese from the packaging and roll the goat cheese in pistachios.

Use a very sharp knife to slice the log into medallions.

Refridgerate the medallions for 30 minutes.

Arrange the greens on a serving platter.

Core the apples and cut them into very thin slices.

Arrange the apples and berries on the greens.

Top the salad with the goat cheese medallions.

For the dressing:

Mince the garlic.

In. a small bowl, whisk the olive oil and balsamic vinegar together.

Add the sugar, dijon mustard and garlic.

Whisk the dressing until the oil has emulsified.

Season the dressing with salt and pepper.